Writer, adequate fly fisherman and casual observer

The Book

You’ll Need a Guide is a humorous account, rich with reflection on the human condition, of guided fishing trips from the McCloud River of Northern California to the Middle Bight of Andros Island.

Whether sitting in the rain, soaked to his socks, in a Jon boat on the BIg Piney River of Missouri or slapping at mosquitoes at dawn in the Everglades, Craig finds a way to draw laughs from the reader.

The Blog

Craig’s posts can range from fly fishing to his first crush as a fifteen-year-old, slinging burgers at a snack bar. Like his book, they entertain.

Reflections from the Kahwa Coffee Shop” comment on aspects of life, the amusing, the whimsical, and the contradictory.

Wind Knots and Backlashes” are humorous and insightful pieces about fishing experiences, with a focus on fly fishing. 

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