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Dear Mr. Craig

bigBlue Airways August 15, 2021 Dear Mr. Craig, We were pleased to be your travel experience of choice on your Saturday, August 8, BigBlue flight to Orlando. We admit the flight might have been unanticipated by you when on the prior day, August 7,… Continue Reading “Dear Mr. Craig”

True Confesssions

I have a confession to make. The cover photo on You’ll Need a Guide, available from Amazon for a paltry amount, shows me gleefully displaying a rainbow trout to the camera. The photo leads the reader to believe that trout leap into my hands… Continue Reading “True Confesssions”

“Downtown, Everything’s waiting for you”

Five years ago, My Life’s Editor and I unloaded half our books and all our brown furniture (rejected by kids and consignment shops) and moved into a condo in the beating heart of St. Pete.  “So, how do you like living, ah, downtown?” a… Continue Reading ““Downtown, Everything’s waiting for you””


Decades ago, when I was in my salad years, a psychologist studied his summary report on me, looked up from his desk and said, “You should never be a watch repairman.” A watch repairman, bent over a watch case, tweezers in hand, would try… Continue Reading “Patience”

My Lost Cause

Henry Adams (1838 – 1918), Harvard graduate and pedigreed Boston Brahmin, was a great-grandson of John Adams, the 2nd President, and a grandson of John Quincy Adams, the 6th President. American Studies majors are not permitted to receive their college diploma until they have… Continue Reading “My Lost Cause”