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Unplug and Reboot

Last night My Life’s Editor and I settled into our couch in our TV room to watch Mr. Djokovic play Mr. Zverev in the US Open semi-final.  I sat back, she laid out lengthwise on the couch and plopped her feet on my lap,… Continue Reading “Unplug and Reboot”

Another Trip, Another time

I backed My Life’s Editor’s molten orange CRV into a post yesterday in St. Augustine. The good news is the boxes with cupcakes and brownies from the Casa de Sueños B&B survived undamaged. My justification for backing into the post was that herself had… Continue Reading “Another Trip, Another time”

Bingo and Molly

It is a rite of suburban passage that a beginner family, after stocking up on kids, decides to do the dog thing.  Picture a toasty, happy, Christmas-card family smiling in their matching jammies with a dog appended. The presence of a dog squares the… Continue Reading “Bingo and Molly”


Most days of COVID-19 I hang out in my pajamas until late morning. I slurp coffee, and scan the paper, looking for warm-hearted stories about siblings separated at birth, reunited at a smoked mullet festival. Monday mornings, however, I put on my long pants… Continue Reading “Glenna”

A Stick, A Wall, and a Ball

I had an OK childhood as a suburban kid. The exception was when my parents put me in organized sports. In Little League, I was a catcher – none of the other kids wanted to squat in the dirt, sweat and peer at the… Continue Reading “A Stick, A Wall, and a Ball”